A lowly playwright-director from the prairie is called to Hollywood by the ghost of Orson Welles to save Hollywood from its doldrums of sequels, prequels, remakes and spin-offs. Living in his Uncle Don's storage unit, and out of options, Davis Davis is forced to first make an "adult film" in order to make the epic that he is certain will save Hollywood.

Davis Davis has answered the call of Orson Welles (the unofficial God of classic Hollywood) to go West and save Hollywood from its creative doldrums by making an epic film.
Bambi Cherry is an adult film star, who must become a "serious actress" in order to make a better future for her four year-old son (Taylor) before he starts Kindergarten this year.
Mike Palumbo is an actor working as a "human directional" and, (according to Davis), the next Marlin Brando.
Uncle Don owns and operates "Star Carpet (Carpet Cleaners to the Stars)" and lives in the Valley with his second wife, Hoani. He has one married daughter and a nephew named Davis.
Billy Bell is a career law-student, taking the Bar for the eighth time, with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things porn, and a huge fan of Bambi Cherry.